Hank Scorpio Pin


  • Soft enamel pin
  • 1.25″ tall x 0.75″ wide
  • Rubber clutch
  • Also available in the complete set
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“At Globex, we don’t believe in walls. Matter of fact, I didn’t even give you my coat.” Who else but Hank Scorpio could make such an impact on The Simpsons with only 8 minutes of mostly ad-libbed dialogue? Wear your Hank Scorpio pin with pride, whether to tell your employees that you’re not another stuffy corporate executive, or to pay homage to the great Al Brooks.

Each 1.25″ Hank Scorpio pin comes with a rubber clutch backing to keep it secure when you’re fighting Mr. Bont or threatening the U.N. These soft enamel pins also come with custom-designed backing cards from that iconic scene in “You Only Move Twice”.

Hank Scorpio pins are also available as part of our Simpsons Pin Collection.

Browse the full Simpsons collection here.

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1.25" tall x 0.875" wide
(32 mm tall x 19 mm wide)
Soft enamel, rubber clutch

68 reviews for Hank Scorpio Pin

  1. Kristin V

    Great quality and a fun unique find. Can’t wait to give this to my husband for his birthday 😁

  2. Jeanette W

    Love this pin…great quality…would buy from this seller again

  3. Jenny I


  4. Andrea W


  5. Brian S

    Ever see a guy say good-bye to a shoe?

  6. Jennifer D


  7. Allan B

    Pin is great quality! Makes me Happy!

  8. Jon G

    I was hanging out in a hammock with Mary Ann, in the hammock district, over at ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot…” when this package arrived. All I can say is the pin is amazing and here…take some sugar…sorry it’s not in packages.

  9. Morgan H

    Words cannot describe how much I love this pin, and the whole way it was packaged is a delight for Simpsons fans! My new favorite pin.

  10. Tyler S


  11. Rachel C


  12. Calum H

    Really pleased with the item and the service!

  13. Brittany B

    Got this for my husband for Christmas and it was a huge hit!

  14. Amanda S


  15. Brian C


  16. Caty G

    Gift for my husband (this is his all-time favorite character on TV). Very good quality and exactly like the photo. He loves it!

  17. Jaclyn L

    perfect. just what I needed to top off a gift.

  18. Adam S

    great pin and crafstmanship, on time delivery!

  19. Mark T

    I was looking everywhere for a hammock: the Hammock Hut (on third), Hammocks-R-Us (on third too), Put-Your-Butt-There (that’s on third), Swing Low, Sweet Chariot…matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex; the hammock complex on third, which is in the Hammock district.

    Then I decided I didn’t need a hammock and got this pin instead. It’s the little things, after all.

  20. Jake M

    The best Simpsons pin I have seen yet. I have seen many. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m in the middle of a FUN RUN!

  21. Nicholas B


  22. Caitie G

    Got this as a gift for a friend who’s as big a Simpsons nerd as me. She absolutely adores it and proudly wears it on her backpack. The pin is solidly constructed, really great quality, and shipped with no issues.

  23. Jen H


  24. Melanie R


  25. Lea H

    An awesome pin, I did in fact put it on my coat!

  26. Mitch W

    Great, hilarious pin. Thanks! Quality is top notch.

  27. Kallie P

    This very specific character happens to be my boyfriend’s favorite of the entire series. Thank you for having not one, but two pins for him to add to his jacket. It was absolutely perfect.

  28. Ashleigh B

    This pin is great! It shipped on time and I received it sooner than anticipated. It has vivid color and is very well made. A great Christmas gift that I am supremely pleased with.

  29. Ian Z


  30. Scott M


  31. Marcie D


  32. Jacob J

    Absolutely love it, thank you! Shipped quicker than I expected due to me being in Australia and it’s a really high quality pin 🙂

  33. Marcie D


  34. Phillip T

    Second purchase. Just perfect. Love it! Thank you!

  35. Emily H


  36. Lee T

    Stunning pins, beautifully designed, perfectly packaged, and they make me laugh every time I look at them. Not to mention great communication from the seller!

  37. Martha R

    The pin looks great! The seller was super amazing! My pin got lost in shipping and when I contacted the seller and they sent a new pin at no cost! Thanks so much!!

  38. Nicole B


  39. Kat M


  40. Fiona C

    Absolutely love the pin! Shipping was super speedy, too. Great buying experience, thank you!

  41. Andy V


  42. Spencer K

    Goellnerd does it again!
    Can’t get enough of her wonderful pins.

  43. Matt R


  44. Troy S

    Very Hank! Oh I’ve lost my coat again, drat.

  45. Rocio B


  46. Erica W

    To say I love this pin is an understatement. It is so vibrant and perfect. Every time I look down at it I laugh.

  47. Lewis H


  48. Sarah P


  49. Jessica B


  50. Jeana F

    Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?

  51. Rob B


  52. Jessie B

    Fun pins and the card they come on is a nice touch! Acceptable quality for the price.

  53. Jacquelyn M

    The pin is great. My boyfriend loves it!

  54. Erin E


  55. Annette W

    Such a great pin. Highly recommend, will definitely be back to buy more from this store.

  56. Kevin S

    Great item, easily recognizable and nice quality.

  57. Kathy B


  58. Krystin S


  59. Lindsay G


  60. Leslie H

    i love this shop! happy to have my hank scorpio!

  61. Sascha S


  62. Melissa Q


  63. Richard M


  64. Angela D


  65. Spencer G

    I adore my Ilana pin (gave Abbi to my fraand – she loves it, btw), Lisa Lionheart pin, Big Butt Skinner patch, and now my Hank Scorpio pin! Super cute, fantastic quality, fast shipping! I always love the hand-written notes too. Please make more things and take my money!! ❤️

  66. Andrew F


  67. Caroline H

    Scorpio!! I love this so much – I can rep one of my favorite episodes of The Simpsons proudly. Great quality and it came very quickly!! Thank you so much!!

  68. Melanie R

    This is AWESOME! I love this pin!

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