Andy Dwyer Pin


  • Soft enamel pin
  • 1.5″ tall x 1″ wide
  • Double rubber clutches
  • Also available in the complete set

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When you think of Pawnee’s favorite goofball, how could you think of anyone but Andy Dwyer. He may have the smartest head/brain helmet in the game, but his devotion cannot be understated. How many guys would offer to swap faces—if they had to. And he knows that if you want something badly, you just gotta believe it’s gonna work out.

A rubber clutch secures this 1.5″ soft enamel Andy Dwyer pin whether you’re chowing down on some Andy’s Mouth Surprises and hot orange juice (weirdly delicious!) or fighting Voldemort Putin of Russia.

Andy Dwyer pins are also available as part of the Parks and Rec Pin Collection. Browse the full Parks and Recreation collection here.

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1.5" tall x 1" wide
(38 mm tall x 26 mm wide)
Soft enamel, double rubber clutches


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