Tom Haverford Pin


  • Soft enamel pin
  • 1.3″ tall x 1″ wide
  • Double rubber clutches
  • Also available in the complete set

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Tom Haverford is Pawnee’s most creative entrepreneur with an eye for the ‘tails. When he’s not walking around in his red carpet-soled shoes, or riding coattails, smiling and taking partial credit, he’s probably mocking Jerry for his latest mistake or fart attack. Tommy Fresh has a taste for the finer things in life like LASIK for your fingernails and dressing up as a cashmere/velvet candy cane and along with Donna, he never misses a chance to treat yo self!

A rubber clutch secures this 1.3″ Tom Haverford enamel pin whether you’re partying it up with Detlef Schrempf at the Snakehole Lounge or pitching Sparkle Suds to investors (twinkle twinkle, big star).

Tom Haverford pins are also available as part of the Parks and Rec Pin Collection. Browse the full Parks and Recreation collection here.


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1.3" tall x 1" wide
(33 mm tall x 24 mm wide)
Soft enamel, double rubber clutches


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