Friends Frame Pin


  • Soft enamel pin
  • 1.5″ tall x 1.25″ wide
  • 2 rubber clutches
  • Also available to mix-and-match
  • Also available in the complete set
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They’re there for you, when the rain starts to fall, like they’ve been there before, because you’re there for them too. Show your friends how much they mean to you with this gold Friends Frame. Based on one of the most iconic props from Friends, Monica’s peephole frame instantly brings up memories of the hours spent hanging with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross.

An absolute must-have for any Friends fan, this 1.5″ brass pin has double pin backs so you can show off your love of Friends wherever you go. Pins also come with a custom-designed backing card, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Friends Frame pins are also available as part of the Friends Pin Collection or and the Friends Mix-and-Match Pin Set.

Browse the full Friends collection here.

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1.5" tall x 1.25" wide
(38 mm tall x 32 mm wide)
Soft enamel, double rubber clutches

240 reviews for Friends Frame Pin

  1. Julie T

    Love this! Fast shipping great products!

  2. Karen S

    Really fun and nicely made pin!

  3. Flavie P


  4. Freddy R

    My sister loved it

  5. Ashlen T


  6. Carla G

    Happy as can be. For starters, the quality is awesome! And the shipping was fast. I really wish the owner of this shop creates more tv themed enamel pins so I can buy them all.

  7. Deborah L


  8. Samantha C


  9. Valentine L

    Les couleurs et les détails sont parfaits ! Pin de très bonne qualité ! 🙂

  10. Maria K


  11. Vannah E

    This is a purchase for my FRIENDS obsessed daughter! It’s very well made. She will love it!

  12. Tina M

    Great quality pin – a little on the larger side.

  13. Josh E


  14. Sabrina S

    Great quality pin, shipped and arrived very quickly. It’s definitely worth the money. Wish I bought the whole Friends set. Super happy with this purchase!

  15. Lauren F

    What a great idea for a pin! So cute.

  16. Brooke S

    It’s beautiful! Looks just like the picture!!

  17. Sarah A


  18. Candace C


  19. Jennifer J


  20. Anna L

    Super cute and came very quickly.

  21. Cassie M

    Super fast shipping and great product!

  22. Tamra P

    Perfect! Great Quality! Super fast shipping! Daughter will love it for her birthday!! Thank You!

  23. Jessica W

    Arrived quickly. High quality. Would order again.

  24. Nader T


  25. Tristan F


  26. Melanie P

    These are perfect!! Great as a gift and kept one for myself 🙂

  27. Elizabeth P

    Love it! Great quality. Would recommend others buy it.

  28. Elaf M

    Kate is by far, one of the best sellers I have dealt with. This is a replacement with a very sweet note of a my item that was lost by mail! Amazing way to start my day!
    Great material, perfect work!

  29. Rachel N


  30. Amanda C

    Love it!

  31. Isabel A


  32. Jae C


  33. Katie C

    The pin was more beautiful that I could have imagined! Goellnerd was so sweeetand was so helpful when I accidentally put in the wrong shipping address.

  34. Aime M

    The pin is absolutely perfect. Looks even better in person! Highly highly recommend and great quality. It’s big but not huge either, perfect size! 👍🏼

  35. Brittany T

    This gorgeous pin is bigger than I thought it’d be. I LOVE it!

  36. Mary S

    Very fast delivery! We love it!

  37. Lillian Y


  38. Ashley H

    Very easy to communicate with and the item is so cute 🙂

  39. Alexandra J

    This pin is stunning! It’s way bigger than I expected it to be. I can’t wait to give this to my friend for Christmas!

  40. Justine K

    Bigger than expected

  41. Meghan M

    Love it!

  42. Jackie K

    Sweet! Thank you!!!

  43. Lindsay T

    Very nice quality and much larger than other pins in my collection! Very happy with this purchase! Fast shipping too. 🙂

  44. Crystal M

    AMAZING pins!! They are a lot bigger than I expected!!

  45. Sabrina G

    amazing pin, great communication from the seller, AND fast shipping!

  46. Brittany S


  47. Bryony S


  48. Sarah M


  49. Ann-Marie M

    Whats not to love? It’s perfect

  50. Donielle C

    Very cute! Little bigger than I expected but has two pins on the back to keep it in place. Looking forward to giving this to a Friends obsessed niece.

  51. Cathy S

    Loving the whole concept of this pin. Excellent buy for any Friends fan. Would definitely recommend!

  52. Christine D

    Just lovely!

  53. Jorge H


  54. Eliza H


  55. Anna G


  56. Samantha S


  57. Chloë E


  58. Amy K

    I LOVE this Friends pin! It’s clever and looks fantastic in person.

  59. Andrea S


  60. Corrine D


  61. Ashley O


  62. Rebecca W


  63. Lydia B

    Loved this pin, looks just like the icon from Friends

  64. Leslie J


  65. Lisa M


  66. Irene G

    Super good quality !!! My bf loved it !

  67. Laurel G


  68. Morgan M


  69. Toni A

    Love it thank you so much!

  70. Amy A

    Love it thank you so much!

  71. Mallory H


  72. Chloé L


  73. Katie R


  74. Monique N


  75. Nona D

    Perfect gift for a “Friends” lover!!!

  76. Grace Y

    Love it! Great quality and a great addition to my pin collection.

  77. Sarah K


  78. Jennifer L


  79. Chris W

    My wife loved this! Sturdy 2 prongs, really good detail. And shipped as stated, quickly and knowledge of the USPS tracking system. Unlike most lazy places ,also STICKERS! You have a nice and efficient thing going. Good luck.

  80. Amanda E

    Great quality, super cute, Love them

  81. Jennifer W

    Such a cute pin!! Looks great on my jean jacket

  82. Lucia T

    Love LOVE my pin!!! Can’t wait to wear it!

  83. Jessica R

    This is the perfect gift for my FRIENDS obsessed friend!

  84. Yotam T


  85. Sam K


  86. Morgan G


  87. Erin V

    My Friends Frame pin arrived yesterday and it is even better than I could have imagined. Slightly bigger than the average enamel pin, it is beautiful quality. The detail in the gold frame is really gorgeous. It now has pride of place on the vest that holds my pin collection!

  88. Heather M


  89. Chelsea C

    Great size and quality, thanks!

  90. Heather P


  91. Lindsey H


  92. Geneveve P


  93. Elise R

    just as magnificent as i imagined

  94. Laura J

    Makes me smile every time I look at it. High quality and super cute!

  95. Lauren A


  96. Nicole M

    Love love love this pin
    Awwso. E addition to my collection!!!

  97. Meg U

    Awesome! A bit bigger than I realized but still so great!

  98. Linda M


  99. Janelle J

    One of my favorite tv shows, the pin is very well made! Thank you!

  100. Megan B


  101. Anne W

    So fantastic! Thank you so much for your quality work!!!

  102. Brenda B


  103. Kathy S

    Omg I love it, finally a Friends pin to have. Thank you

  104. Justin N


  105. Ellie G


  106. Julie D


  107. Tory P


  108. Hannah W

    Beautiful! It’s the perfect addition to my lanyard!

  109. Hannah N


  110. Lia L

    Much larger than expected but I love it. Really well made. Great detail.

  111. Ashley B


  112. Angie W


  113. Alma P

    I am so impressed by this purchase. The pins are really high quality and even have the nice weight to them. The package arrived quickly and in excellent condition in a really cute purple envelope. It also came with cards and stickers. As soon as I received the package, I put the pins immediately on my formerly dull dress! I am going to the shop now to stock up on other pins. Highly recommended!

  114. Elizabeth R

    Slightly bigger than I thought it was going to be, but that’s no matter! Looks great!! Love it!

  115. Nicole Z

    The cutest Friends pin ever!

  116. Karisa W


  117. Paige W


  118. Geneva D

    This is heavy, solid, beautiful, with no errors. I absolutely love this pin- it was worth every penny.

  119. Jessica P


  120. Allyssia R

    Perfect. I love it so much!

  121. Andrea G

    Amazing quality! And fast shipping

  122. Rachel J

    Bought this pin for my friend that loves Friends, and she loved this pin. Shipped on time too. A very good quality pin if your looking to add something Friends related to your collection.

  123. Melissa J


  124. Cari C

    Great quality and looks great! Hope to order from shop again. Fast shipping!

  125. Leesa H

    Shipped and arrived quick! Love it!

  126. Ashley M

    Even better than the picture! Well made and arrived quickly! Great purchase. Highly recommend 10/10

  127. Helen K


  128. Sarah M

    Love Love Love, Huge Friends fan and it is perfect!

  129. Nurdamla Y


  130. Neida G


  131. Amanda W

    Love this pin!

  132. Colleen H


  133. Will C

    The one with the great pin for my hat. 10/10

  134. Alexia J


  135. Alanood A


  136. Charlotte N

    love it – great quality and just speaks for itself.

  137. Leonie M


  138. Jessica H


  139. Brandi R

    Beautiful pin! Little sister loved it, thanks!

  140. Scott S


  141. Nicole S


  142. Alexis P


  143. Katarina F


  144. AnnaLisa B


  145. Allison L


  146. Melinda C


  147. Kendra B

    Very cute and was the perfect gift for a Friends fan.

  148. Kelsey H

    Absolutely perfect. Thank you very much!

  149. Sophia D

    Very happy I love this pin 😍

  150. Brook G

    Katie was so lovely and kind when I first messaged her wondering when the Friends Frame pins would be back in stock. She even remembered to let me know when they returned, gave me a coupon code with an apology for the long wait, and shipped the pins (one for myself, one for a friend, which she knew) with two business cards and bonus two stickers to share, plus they arrived a day early! Thanks so much, they really are fantastic! I can’t wait to give the other as a gift 🙂

  151. Kimberly M

    Perfection! My family and I are HUGE Friends fans so when I saw this pin I couldn’t resist. It’s well made and sturdy and looks great on my knitting bag. Thanks so much!

  152. Chris T

    fast shipping, great condition, great price

  153. Ashley M

    Perfectly adorable pin! Fantastic quality and quick shipping!

  154. Kelee W


  155. Cindy L

    Beautiful, clear and flawless quality! I love it!

  156. Raven M

    omg, there aren’t enough nice words I can say! First and foremost, the pin is ADORABLE and super high quality! It’s professionally made, no DIY stuff. It looks so cute on my backpack, and is a subtle way of letting people know I’m a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan! The packaging is super nice, even had a purple mailer envelope! So cute. Shipped quickly as well. All around A+, I’d definitely buy from again.

  157. Anthony L

    A must have pin

  158. Indya S

    Lovely pin, brings back so many memories!

  159. Christina C


  160. Paulette S

    Very great quality pin!! Love it

  161. Rikki E


  162. Clarissa R


  163. Haley W


  164. Erin E


  165. Ashlee D


  166. Bertha V


  167. Katie M

    Very nice high quality product, and so cute. Thanks!

  168. Alyssa B


  169. Stephanie E


  170. Veronica H


  171. Birgitte H


  172. Martina B

    THE PIN IS REALLY PRETTY I LOVE IT !!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  173. Jessica D


  174. Jennifer L

    So cute! Just as described! Thank you!

  175. Jacob D


  176. Jess H


  177. June S

    Awesome ! Now I just have to wait until the recipient of my gift gets it … So exciting ! 😀

  178. Caroline H

    This pin is awesome!! I’m so glad to find different pins from the usual, and I love this Friends reference!! My other friend is going to love it too!! Thank you so much!!

  179. Karen M

    Perfect! Can’t wait to add it to my jacket, quality and package is amazing. Thank you!

  180. Tracy H

    I wear it on my vest at work!

  181. Erin R

    LOVE IT!!!!!! SO cute and unique

  182. Mark W

    Thank you!

  183. Bella R

    Good experience and product arrived on time – Thank You

  184. Lucinda M


  185. Jessica R

    Really nice heavy pin. It was a little bigger in size than I was expecting, but it wasn’t a bad thing. It looks great on my backpack with all its other pin friends. I’m very satisfied!

  186. Wendy S

    Love love love it!!! Amazing!! Received quickly

  187. Megan M


  188. Christan A


  189. Andrea G


  190. India M

    Great pin and quick delivery with some nice personal touches in the packaging.

  191. Janelle D

    I can’t even begin to say how adorable and cute this pin is! I absolutely love it!

  192. Jennifer T


  193. Andrea M

    My friend absolutely loves it, thank you so much!

  194. Mona H

    so cute! very good quality, looks really sturdy, & it’s honestly a gorgeous little piece in person.

  195. Julie H

    Bigger than I thought it would be, beautiful pin!

  196. Pamela H


  197. Michelle S

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help getting this to me in the UK 🙂

  198. Lindsay W


  199. Jordan A


  200. Jennifer M

    Love it, and received it super fast! Thank you!

  201. Sophia D


  202. Louise R


  203. Lizz C


  204. Emily B

    Love my new pin!! Thank you kindly 🙂

  205. Carolina S

    This is way cute! Good item and value!

  206. Jasmine M

    Absolutely amazing! It’s bigger than I expected which is great but my favorite thing is that it has 2 pin backings so that it doesn’t flip or spin around, it sticks in place! LOVE

  207. Holly R


  208. Madison W


  209. Heather B


  210. Diana R

    💜💜💜my friends enamel pin👻


  211. Shelby M


  212. Jessica G


  213. Lara C

    Loved it so much!!!! It’s so beautiful and came with a handwritten note that made everything feel much more personal. I’m so happy I bought it, it’s the first pin of the collection I want to start, thanks!!!

  214. Laura C


  215. Nancy A


  216. Whitney C


  217. Alexandria M

    Didn’t realize when I purchased the pin that it had the enamel in the center. I was going to use it as a little picture frame for my badge at work but can’t

  218. Krista L

    So cute and loved the note, too!

  219. Laura S

    Fabulous pin, thanks!

  220. Lindsey M

    Loved the pin! I gave it as a gift and my friend just adored it. Thank you so much.

  221. Carley K


  222. Mike M

    I literally got teary eyed I love this pin so much I can’t wait to show it off<333

  223. Heather T


  224. Jenna H

    SUPER PERFECT. This pin was so worth the moola! Not only is it wonderfully made, but it also is very sturdy and I never feel nervous that it’ll pop off my bag. This pin was packaged very nicely and came with a sweet hand written note, of course still in the Friends theme. 100% going to shop here again, no doubt about that.

  225. Brooke S

    Love the Friends Frame pin! It looks exactly like the frame in the series, and came in such adorable packaging.

  226. Kasey N

    Thank you! Quick shipping, great product, and a very sweet note from the seller! 🙂

  227. Ann P

    I love it!! 👍🏼💕

  228. Aoife K

    This is probably the highest-quality pin I own (take that, Urban Outfitters). It’s such a lovey yet subtle nod to my favorite show of all times. The pin is a little heavy, so I will be purchasing butterfly backings to ensure it doesn’t vanish on me. I couldn’t recommend this pin enough! 🙂

  229. Lucy D

    I’m not usually a person to make the effort to review an item. But Katie out did herself! The Friends pin is exactly as pictured, it’s almost the size of a thumb (which is perfect to be noticed). She even wrote a personalized note using Friends quotes (how adorable). If you are even contemplating buying this pin DO IT RIGHT NOW! It’s worth it 🙂

  230. Allison P


  231. CJ C

    I love it so much! It’s bigger than I expected which makes it even more amazing! Thank you for making this pin. I’m a huge Friends fan so this pin is perfect. Waahh, I can’t wait to show it off! Thanks again, Katie, and thank you for the sweet note and sticker that came with the pin. 💜

  232. Katie W


  233. Franse A

    Such a subtle but beautiful way to show someone’s love for an amazing show. Thank you for making this pin.

  234. Abby A


  235. Samantha C


  236. Kelly K


  237. Ben L

    Love it so much 🙂 a great product and a great store too

  238. Kerri O

    Awesome quality, made with love, would definitely buy from again, thanks!

  239. Raquel R

    So pretty in person and looks spot on

  240. Ana H


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