Piggy Wedding Cufflinks


  • Hard enamel cufflinks
  • 1″ tall x 0.5″ wide
  • Cufflinks come in a gift box
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Celebrate your wedding day in style with these Simpsons-inspired enamel piggy bride and groom cufflinks. Each pair is hard enamel and comes in their own box. They make the perfect gift for the groom- (or bride)-to-be whose love of the Simpsons knows no bounds.

​Piggy pairings are available in Bride and Groom, Groom and Groom, and Bride and Bride.

Browse the full Simpsons collection here.

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85 reviews for Piggy Wedding Cufflinks

  1. Dennis W


  2. Erin T

    These arrived early and were absolutely fantastic. High quality and detail. This seller is incredibly easy to work with.

  3. Beth C


  4. Theresa R

    My brother loved it! 🙂

  5. Kathy S

    I bought this for my fiance for the big day(we’re huge Simpsons fans). This product shipped quickly and my fiance loved it!

  6. Tyler F

    I love it! Great quality and fast shipping

  7. Sarah V


  8. Salynn J

    Bought this as a gift for my Man of Honor.

  9. Bente E

    They look great! I’m very happy with them. Just a heads up that the cuff link part is black and not a silver/metal color as I had assumed.

  10. Sarah M

    Really wonderful quality! I got these as a gift for my boyfriend and I can’t wait to surprise him with them. Thanks for the great item!

  11. Sarah A

    Amazing, better than expected, can’t wait for them to be used at our wedding.

  12. Rita C

    The cufflinks are even more perfect in person – really well made and accurate! Katie very kindly had them shipped to me in record time and my brother loved them. Truly a perfect wedding gift and, despite what Homer said, absolutely everyone’s cup of tea.

  13. Nicole W


  14. Danielle V

    It’s perfect! My fiancé love it.

  15. George R

    Season 6 is great and so are these cuff links.

  16. Stephanie K

    Looks great and fast shipping! My fiance is giving this to his father for our wedding, big Simpsons fans. 🙂

  17. Patriciana T

    Got these for my future husband as a wedding gift. Very excited as he is a huge simpsons fan! Took off a star because paint has a few imperfections but nothing major or noticeable.

  18. Rebecca R

    They’re perfect! Just as you would imagine. A must for any Simpsons fan.

  19. Kayla H

    Perfect, exactly what we were looking for!

  20. Kristin G


  21. Lucia B

    Just what I was looking for!! I gifted these to my fiance for our wedding <3 he went absolutely nuts!

  22. Katie H

    These are absolutely perfect! My fiancé loves them and can’t wait to wear them on our wedding day. Fast shipping, experienced no issues at all!

  23. Denice R

    Loved this, just as described. Pretty sure my dad loved it too!

  24. Emma R

    The quality is great! My brother was so happy with his present.

    Also, Katie’s attention was amazing, she’s really sweet <3
    I would definitely buy something again 🙂

  25. Valerie B

    can’t wait to give these to my fiance’ on our wedding day!

  26. Tyler F

    I love this item. They like gorgeous and I cannot wait to surprise my fiance on our wedding day. THANK YOU !

  27. Fabian S

    The cufflinks arrived in time. Katie gave a lovely Support. Thanks again.

  28. Christina G

    Very nice quality & I am really excited to gift them to my brother who is a big fan of the Simpsons. Thank you!

  29. Ayla B

    Cann not wait for our wedding in 3 months.were both simpsons obsessed so these will be perfect for him.i gave them to him yesterday as a birthday /wedding gift and he loves them

  30. Susan D


  31. Alana R

    Beautiful work! My Simpsons loving fiancé will be so happy!

  32. Seamus J

    Good quality, fast postage, very happy with the details of the product.

  33. L H

    These are perfect for my sisters wedding thank u

  34. Courtney M

    These are great!! I’m so happy with them. My fiancé loves them.

  35. Andrew L

    Good quality and image is spot on from the Simpsons.

  36. Jules S


  37. Simon O


  38. Meghan F

    These look great, and my fiance loved them!

  39. Ryan G

    Perfectly cromulent cufflinks for my wedding.

  40. Heather R

    These are incredible! The quality is amazing. I just got engaged and my *fiancé loves the Simpson’s so naturally I ordered these as a gift to him, and they’ll be his wedding cuff links! He opened them today and is psyched! Thank you!

  41. Simon G

    Amazing, so pleased with these! Now ready for the big day 😅

  42. Colin A

    These. Are. Amazing! I have dozens of pairs of cuff links but these are my new favourites. The look on people’s faces as they realize where they know the Bride and Groom from is priceless. Thank you Goellnerd!

  43. Deborah K

    Fast shipping and these look even better than I expected! My fiancé loves them and they made a great holiday gift. I can’t wait for him to wear them at our wedding.

  44. Lauren N


  45. Lizzi A


  46. Carla J


  47. Danielle P

    I could not be any happier with Goellnerd! She helped me get these cufflinks just in time for my wedding. I surprised my husband with these cufflinks on our wedding day. As we were picking out his wedding suit, he told me about the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gives these little pig cufflinks to Lisa’s soon-to-be husband. My husband is a huge Simpsons fan and He absolutely loves them.

  48. Ron W

    I ordered this kind of last-minute as a gift and the seller rushed the package out to me so I’d have it in time. Excellent product, outstanding service.

  49. Ned W


  50. Raychi R


  51. Simon E


  52. Tiffinie P

    Came in super fast and looks just as described! Great quality too.

  53. Eduardo S

    Fantastic details, amazing quality, looking forward to use them!

  54. Nora B

    Gave these cuff links to my brother at his wedding rehearsal dinner. I begged the bride to let him wear them and she gave me a “hard maybe”. He did not wear them on his wedding day. Either way they’re amazing and he was beyond ecstatic when he opened the box.

  55. David E

    These looked just like they do in the episode “Lisa’s Wedding” and were a great way to subtly show your love of The Simpsons at your wedding or classy event.

  56. Sophie W

    Fast delivery overseas, and great quality item – I had a very happy husband! Thanks so much 🙂

  57. Brittany H

    Me and my fiancé are huge Simpsons fans and these cuff links perfectly suit our non traditional wedding! Exceptional quality, true to imagery.

  58. Omar T


  59. Laura V

    These are so adorable and well made! I absolutely love them. They were perfect for our wedding!

  60. Peter M

    Great quality product and didn’t take too long to get from the US to the UK. The recipient loves them!

  61. Justin L

    Amazing item! Better than I could have imagined!

  62. Nicole B

    Exactly what I was hoping for love them!!

  63. Jules M


  64. Jenna D

    They’re perfect! Exactly like the picture and came quickly.
    My brother is going to cry when I give them to him on his wedding day

  65. Christine H

    It was a gift & its exactly as pictured!! They loved it so much!! Thank you!

  66. David M

    AMAZING SELLER! I love the handwritten note! Thank you so much!

  67. Jordan G


  68. Nicole B


  69. William K

    Appears to be good quality, exactly what I wanted them to be

  70. Kaitlin W


  71. Justine P

    First purchase after my engagement! I’ve always wanted to give these to my dad, and these were perfect!!

  72. Flannery A

    My fiance loves the Simpsons, and this made him so happy! He said all his groomsmen are going to be jealous 🙂

  73. Ryan V

    Shipped on-time and items look as advertised. Quality product all around.

  74. Tina S

    Exactly as described! I also needed this sent ASAP for a wedding and the sender mailed it out the next day! Thank you!

  75. Aaron H


  76. Rachael E

    Really lovely and arrived in the UK in fantastic time. Thank you!

  77. Fede S

    I absolutely loved the cuff links, I got the soft enamel version and they look awesome, can’t wait to wear them on my wedding and make papa Homer proud! #hughwasadick

  78. Evelyn V

    Absolutely perfect! My husband loves the Simpsons and these were a great wedding present for him.

  79. Marcie D


  80. Natalie C

    Beyond adorable! Thanks for going above and beyond!

  81. Samantha R


  82. Sarah A

    Great service! i messages to ensure they would be sent in time for the wedding and they were on their way right after purchase! thank you!!!

  83. Rebecca E


  84. Janel Z


  85. Derek M

    Hugh Grant has no taste, these are the best. Fast shipping, too!

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