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Who could resist the lure of Ol’ 15-poundy’s face? This 1″ Waddles soft enamel pin will have any Gravity Falls fan asking, “i can haz promoshun?” Now you can bring Mabel’s best friend with you on your adventures, whether you’re being wooed by gnomes or living it up in Mabeland.

Waddles pins are also available as a part of the Waddles Set and the Gravity Falls Collection.

Browse the full Gravity Falls collection here.

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1.125" tall x 0.875" wide
(25 mm tall x 19 mm wide)
Soft enamel, rubber clutch

19 reviews for Waddles Pin

  1. Kristin V

    Great quality and so cute!

  2. Kayla D


  3. Alicia O


  4. Jason H

    Great looking pin. Fast shipping. A+

  5. Pamela G


  6. Amanda S

    Perfect for gravity falls fans and pig fans! I love my waddles pin! great quality.

  7. Suji J


  8. Olga U


  9. Melissa D


  10. Emmy G


  11. Lizbeth S

    Waddles is so cute! Great pin!

  12. Alexia B

    My niece LOVED this! Looks great, good quality!

  13. Marina L


  14. Wld S

    Amazing <3 i love it, its just so cute and well made!

  15. Kathi F

    waddles is the best – i love it

  16. Arianna R

    The pin has arrived and it’s adorable! Thank you so much 😀

  17. Jessica M

    Waddles is positively perfect! He shipped quickly and arrived right on time! Thanks so much! <3

  18. Lianne S

    This is the cutest pin I own, by far. Perfect condition, really high quality. You can put this next to your other Disney pins and people will think it’s a licensed product, it’s that good. The background mounting even comes from the moment in the show that this pose is seen – nice detail! Long live Waddles!

  19. Kate P


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