Jerry Gergich Pin


  • Soft enamel pin
  • 1.5″ tall x 1.35″ wide
  • Double rubber clutches
  • Also available in the complete set

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There’s no question that Garry, Jerry, Larry, Terry Gergich, Gengirch is the office punching bag. Despite his clumsiness and his marbles full of mouth, Garry takes his coworkers abuse in stride. After all, he’s got an unbelievably gorgeous and loving family to look forward to and have you seen his incredible murinal skills? No, mural skills! Ah, jeez, how embarrassing for the mayor of Pawnee!

A rubber clutch secures this 1.5″ soft enamel Jerry Gergich pin whether you’re visiting your favorite place in the world: Muncie, Indiana, or taking Lord Sheldon for a walk.

Jerry Gergich pins are also available as part of the Parks and Rec Pin Collection. Browse the full Parks and Recreation collection here.

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1.5" tall x 1.35" wide
(38 mm tall x 34 mm wide)
Soft enamel, double rubber clutches


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